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Miami Shores historic villa

Country: USA
Region: Miami Dade
Town: Miami downtown
Property type: Houses/Villas
Price:985 000,00 USD convert currency count the approximate monthly instalment

Fantastic property for true connoisseurs and lovers of architecture and monuments of art deco in Miami. Villa from 1928 in Miami Shores. Property registered in the register of historical monuments and buildings in Miami.
The work of a famous architect Kiehnel and Elliot. Four large bedrooms and five bathrooms and two offices. The master bedroom is huge with a balcony overlooking the half acre plot and private pool.

Property reference:IBR3349016
Property area:4690.00 sq ft
Number of bedrooms:5
Air conditioning:tak
Balcony terrace:tak
Miami Shores historic villa
Miami Shores historic villa 1
Miami Shores historic villa 2
Miami Shores historic villa 3
Miami Shores historic villa 4
Miami Shores historic villa 5
Miami Shores historic villa 6
Miami Shores historic villa 7
Miami Shores historic villa 8
Miami Shores historic villa 9
Miami Shores historic villa 10
Miami Shores historic villa 11
Miami Shores historic villa 12
Miami Shores historic villa 13
Miami Shores historic villa 14
Miami Shores historic villa 15
Miami Shores historic villa 16
Miami Shores historic villa 17
Miami Shores historic villa 18
Miami Shores historic villa 19
Miami Shores historic villa 20
Miami Shores historic villa 21
Miami Shores historic villa 22
Miami Shores historic villa 23
Miami Shores historic villa 24
Miami Shores historic villa 25
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Property USA

Real estate for sale in the United States by IBERMAXX, international real estate agency. View houses, apartments and villas in the United States, for sale. Welcome to our realties sales office in Florida, where you will find the best offer for sale from today's real estate market. Both primary and secondary property market in the United States. The current real estate crisis and property crunch in the U.S., and the fact the global crisis on the property market is still on which last from 2008. After all, creates the opportunity for a professional real estate investor. Now is the time of incredible opportunity to purchase a home or apartment in Florida and USA a lot cheaper.
Current credit crunch and low property prices in Florida offers for the right buyer a great opportunities and the idea of ​​an good investment in the future.

There will come a time that the housing market will be reborn and U.S. property prices glide up again. Let us not forget that it is the largest and richest economy in the world.
Best of all, this famous crisis, is just not visible on the streets of United States. In American restaurants, or in stores and shopping malls, which are full of customers and eating expensive meals and delicious dinners. It's an unusual thing observe how looks like a "crisis" on foreign real estate markets. However, statistics from the U.S. and research experts in the real estate industry indicate alarming declines in the numbers of houses sold and quantities taken out mortgages in the U.S. However, this is slowly changing, and you can see that foreign real estate markets are slowly returning to normal level.

Real estate in the world in developed countries such as the United States, it is a good investment associated with a low risk investment. In countries with dynamic economies, as always, you can quickly sell a house or an apartment, or take care of the rental property abroad for yourself and generate steady rental income and monthly cash flow. Is much room for maneuver, and the risk for the investor is relatively small.

Florida's real estate is governed by its own rules. Here, the best locations, high quality properties and well located, are not "affected" by crisis and falling property prices. Part of the property is overrated and can be purchased at a lower price, but the property in good locations always are well priced. Yes, as a rule, is everywhere in the world, and it is similar in Florida. This is one of the most dynamic real estate markets in the world.
Generally, owners of real estate who want to sale in the United States, property in Florida, are divided into those, that need to sell and those they want to sell? What is the difference between these two groups? Someone who has a mortgage on the property and pays high monthly installments and have financial problems will certainly want to sale faster, own apartment or house. By contrast, a well-off person, with financial back-up will not hurry the sale of the property and wait for a good customer, interested in a good location and easily sell own house in the U.S. for the prices they wish to sell. We've simplified a little reasoning to show to you, how property sales in Florida look like at the moment.

For our customers, we strive to always find the best "deal". There is a huge choice of properties to which we have access in our office. We use the U.S. real estate database, property database of the regional real estate for sale in Florida. Only a part of apartments, villas and plots is shown on our website.
The difference in price is not there, the property is usually the same price as other real estate agencies in the U.S. and Florida.

What about a mortgage loan to purchase real estate in the U.S.? Still, we can for our customers, get the mortgage lending up to 70% of property value. Good times in the U.S. are gone when you could get 80% -90% or more mortgage lending. Banks in the U.S. are less likely to lend money, especially to foreigners. Down payment and own contribution of 30 to 35% will help us to obtain a mortgage loan to buy a house or apartment in Florida.

Economic data in the U.S. have come to us from the beginning of 2013 "whispering" of slow resurgence of the U.S. housing market. Optimistic forecasts are mixed with negative opinions and projections in U.S. real estate for 2014 and 2015. Who among us can predicted anything?
Recent reports Goldman Sachs suggest that  in the second half of 2013 in the U.S. housing market may bounce back. Excessive supply of properties taken over by banks contradicts the predictions. From the perspective of a foreign investor, there were mortgages available to the buyer wish to invest in property in the U.S., as a second home or as an investment in the United States at the lowest level in years. A mortgage for an amount exceeding $ 50,000 for a minimum of 15 years at an interest rate of 3.875% deposit (down payment) of 25%.
In our offer of real estate sales in the U.S. and in Florida you will find many of these types of homes, villas and apartments for sale.

Our service overseas regarding property sales in the United States, is addressed to people dreaming of home, residence or villa in Florida. Buying property in the U.S. is not easy and the process of getting a mortgage, checking the legal status of the property, and finally the end of the sales process, so-called. "property closing" is completely different from the sale of real estate in Europe. Also, different them other real estate markets abroad.
The sale of real estate in the United States, can only deal a licensed and trained agent who has completed relevant courses and passed the appropriate state exams. Real estate trade in the U.S. is strictly regulated. Each real estate office needs appropriate licenses to open this type of business, and finally, the agent needs to pass appropriate exams to be able to sell real estate in Florida.

Finally, the mere opening of a bank account in the U.S., it's not easy, not everyone can do that by entering bank from the street and simply ask to open a bank account in the United States.
We invite you to IBERMAXX office, we are always trying to get the best deal and the best service for our customers. If you don't find suitable property on our website, email to us or just come to our office, we will try to find the right property for you, perfectly matched for your needs.

Real Estate in Florida

Who among us has not dreamed of a Florida home, an apartment in Miami right on the sandy beach, where you can playing golf all year round, eating in good restaurants, and enjoying life, and anjoy great services for residents. This services offers South Florida.
Florida is one of the best places in the world to buy a house or apartment (condo). Residence or a house with a plot (lot) and private pool. When it comes to overseas property, Miami and around South Florida, without a doubt is one of the most prestigious locations in the world for owning a home or apartment abroad. Also for the purchase of the apartment by the sea and close to the beach in Miami, West Palm Beach or Fort Lauderdale.

The current period of economic collapse and low-price of houses and condos in Florida, offers to the person concerned, buying a home abroad, in Florida, the best opportunities for this kind of investment in foreign real estate. At the moment, deals as foreclosures in Florida or short sales in Florida are so amazing bargains for the investor, that is quite hard to resist and not to buy those realties. These apartments (condos) can now buy 40 or 50 percent cheaper than before the crisis in the U.S. real estate market.
In addition, if you have cash and want to spend it on a house or condo in Florida, you can negotiate with the seller, in this case with the Bank in Florida. Sometimes they accept even lower offer than those officially communicated to the customer in the Bank or on websites with offers and property adverts.
The last few months, has brought a revival of the real estate market in Florida, previously the price of houses and apartments in Miami have gone slightly upward. Whether this heralds the end of the American real estate market crisis? This we don't know, but carefully analyzing the current situation this can be expected. Sooner or later ...

Offers IBERMAXX Florida, are property for sale in South Florida, the most beautiful parts of this tropical peninsula. You can find the current property sales of houses and apartments in Miami, Boca Raton, Fort Lauderdale, West Palm Beach, this is Florida South East area. We operate in three counties in Florida. Miami Dade, Broward, and Palm Beach County. Here are the best places to owning and buying a home in Florida.
East Florida (Atlantic coast) offers to the person concerned about the purchase of real estate in Florida, wonderful sandy beaches, high temperatures, all year round tropical climate and ideal conditions for investments in safe and stable economy, which is the economy of 18 million Floridians. Buying property in Florida certainly well pays off in the future. Both if you're considering renting your real estate in Florida and derive passive income from renting a home or condo, as well as subsequent resale of the property in Florida, later in the future.
When buying home in Florida, it's good to use a good local real estate agency. Argue in favour of this, first and foremost, security considerations when conducting such operation. By buying directly from the owner in Florida, you could run the risk of buying real estate with outstanding mortgage loan on the property or another debt linked to the property.

Also buying homes on the new housing estates are now the best time for this type of investment. Homes on the new neighborhoods sell rapidly. Better locations, called prime locations also quickly are purchased by investors and by people prefering home in good location in Florida.
We cordially invite you to our offices in Florida, where we have access to thousands of real estate deals in Florida. We will find for you a foreign real estate dream house and best offers of houses and condos in Florida. Also, Florida mortgages to finance home buying transaction. Check out real estate prices in Florida and invest in a house or apartment abroad.
IBERMAXX welcomes you in Florida and in the United States. Welcome ....!

Property Miami Dade

Apartments, villas and great family houses for sale in Miami Dade area in Florida. Houses, apartments, condos, villas and luxury estates in the area of ​​Miami Dade in southern Florida. Miami Dade County is part of the South East Florida, this area belong to other counties in the region. There are a total of five counties. Other counties are: Martin in the north, Palm Beach, Broward and Monroe.
In this section, we present the property for sale in Florida Miami Dade county. You will have the opportunity to view the property from the Miami Dade for sale. Selection from IBERMAXX - international real estate agency originated from Poland. We speak English, Polish and fluent Spanish in our office in Florida.

Miami Dade County include all the following towns, which are presented in alphabetical order on our property website. They are the following cities: Aventura, Bal Harbour, Bay Harbor Islands, Biscayne Park, Coconut Grove, Coral Gables, Cutler Bay, Doral, El Portal, Florida City, Golden Beach, Goulds, Hialeah, Hialeah Gardens, Homestead, Indian Village, Iceland , Kendall, Key Biscayne, Leisure City, Liberty City, Medley, Miami, Miami Beach, Miami Gardens, Miami Lakes, Miami Shores Village, Miami Springs, North Bay Village, North Miami, North Miami Beach, Opa-Locka, Palmetto Bay, Pinecrest, Pinewood, Princeton, Richmond Heights, South Miami, Sunny Isles Beach, Surfside, Sweetwater, Virginia Gardens, West Miami, Westchester, Westwood Lake.

This part of Florida has some of the most luxurious properties for sale in USA. The most prestigious real estate can be found on South Beach in Miami and close by places, and also urban development around the North Beach district of Miami and Aventura. Here live and have their property richest and most famous people of the world, movie stars and pop stars. It is here where on the street you will see some famous actor or movie star.

Miami Dade County is home to a large number of tourist attractions of the region, which is necessary to know, even if you plan a trip to Miami. Listed below are just a few of them, the most important tourist attractions in Miami Dade: Aquarium in Miami, called "Seaquarium". Another great place to visit while living or visiting this part of Florida is the Coral Castle Homestead and Deering Estate in Palmetto Bay, historic home of Charles Deering. In Coral Gables is necessary to see the Fairchild Tropical Garden. In Miami you have to visit the Miami Beach Botanical Garden, and Parrot Jungle and Gardens.

In Miami there is also a great zoo called Metrozoo, and Monkey Jungle Biopark.
If you buy a property in Miami Dade County and you will live in this part of Florida, believe us, over the next several months you'll have a place to go and things what to do ... this place is also extremely rich in all kinds of things to do for children and adults activities.

You can start from South Beach in Miami, is the essence of the living and partying in Miami, so perfectly place in the U.S., known for its excellent nightlife and places to shop in the style of Florida. Kids will be extremely please to visit the zoo in Miami, considered one of the best zoo in the whole of the United States. Animals from every continent, from Australia, through Asia, and South America ending. Animals run in free catwalks. Great trip for the whole family.

Another attraction for owners of real estate in Miami, it may be a trip to the Miami Seaquarium. Aquarium is located between downtown Miami and Key Biscayne. Prepare at least half day for this extraordinary adventure with tropical marine life of the region of Florida.
Be sure to visit the Everglades, the 1.5 million acres of wetlands and floodplains, as we well known from movies and nature. The Everglades is home fo a 14 rare and endangered species, including the American crocodile, American panther, and the majestic manatees of Florida.

For lovers of art and new technology we strongly indicated a visit to the Museum of Science in Miami. This museum is also home to the Bird of Pray Reserch Center and the Weintraub Observatory.
If you plan to buy a property in Miami and move to the city with children be sure to visit Miami Children's Museum. Weight of interactive toys and equipment with which the child can learn so much.
Another tourist attraction in the county of Miami Dade's is great Parrot Jungle Island. Tropical birds and amazing parrots await visitors in the natural environment.

Monkey Jungle is another amazing place in Miami. When homo sapiens are walking paths designated sway over the heads of the chimpanzees, macaques and maybe you will well see a gorilla in a tropical thicket. At the end of the trip to Miami should go to the Coral Castle, a unique monument in Miami, created by Latvian artist Ed Leedskalnin.

At the end, leave a visit to Vizcaya, the historic 50-acre estate, where have fun and play the richest in Miami.
If you become the owner of a house or condo in Miami or anywhere else in the county of Miami Dade certainly the first year of residence in Florida you will study and explore these amazing tourist attractions, so wonderfully given to residents and visitors to Florida.

Property Miami downtown

Here information about properties for sale in Miami in Florida in United States. Best investment opportunity in Florida from IBERMAXX real estate agency in Boca Raton, close to Miami and Fort Lauderdale on east coast of Florida. Here you will find apartments in Miami, condos in Miami, luxury estates and villas in Miami for sale. Classifieds ads of real estate sales in Miami, Florida and property for rent in Miami, as an excellent investment for the experienced property investor overseas.

The best locations for foreign investment in real estate in the South of the USA and the most prestigious locations for the purchase of a home or a luxurious mansion on South Florida in such a magical place as Miami in Florida. Miami attracts the rich and famous of the world. Miami is associated with luxury, prestige and the highest quality of life.

Here are investing in real estate, the richest of the world, but the recent downturn in the u.s. real estate market and low prices of houses and apartments in Miami makes well, and you can become the owner of a house or an apartment in Miami. Occasions for good investments waiting for you in Miami. We'll help you in every step of the buying a house or a condo in Miami. Take advantage of low real estate prices in Florida and buy your dream house in Miami. In Miami, there are the best restaurants, clubs and entertainment in Florida.

Investment potential in Miami

World famous places to have a good time. This place is amazing and wonderful. Latino influence in Latin America are visible on every step of the way in Miami. Spanish is the second most widely spread language in Miami. There is no place in Miami, where somebody speak Spanish. So beautiful places like the Ocean Drive, Collins Avenue, Lincoln Road or Miami South Beach, waiting for property investors from Europe.

Here you will find current information about the prices of real estate in Miami. Information on prices per square foot of properties in Miami. In our offer we have apartments in Miami, homes in Miami, luxury residences in Miami and Miami Beach mansions for sale. The best real estate locations right on the beach in Miami and offers of penthouses in Miami overlooking the Atlantic Ocean and the best beaches of Miami. Real estate on South Beach Miami or Miami Aventura property for sale.

Also offer to sell real estate on the golf courses in Miami, best neighborhoods in which you can play the game of golf, so if you are passionate about this sport, international real estate agency - IBERMAXX, has something to offer for you. See also offers of commercial real estate investment, such as shops for sale and for lease in Miami, the offer of restaurants for sale in Miami, offers of hotels for sale in Miami, hostels and warehouses for sale in Miami. We offer a lot of commercial real estate in Miami, Florida. It's the opportunity to investors looking for good capital investments in foreign real estate, Florida in Miami.

Selection of property listings from Miami downtown

For people with less investment budget are sales of cheap real estate: type study and bedsits in Miami, bungalows in Miami in good locations, and houses with a swimming pool in Miami. Also we have for sale terraced houses in Miami with a garden in the front of the house, as well as building land in Miami, where you can build your new home in Miami. Sometimes in our offer there are the old Miami real estate suitable to renew or total renovation.

This type of House can be cheaper to buy and with good design and high budget for the renovation of real estate, you can turn it, into a perfect holiday home in Miami or the property for rent in Miami.
Check the real estate listings from auctions in Miami, Florida. Offers short sales and foreclosures in Miami.

Miami is one of the most popular places in the world on vacation or to have a great holiday on the beach. So when buying a property in Miami, be aware of rental potential that exists in Miami. Not only holiday rentals in Florida. By investing in a house or apartment by the beach, there is always the possibility of a good rental and quickly generating cash from property renting in Miami.
You can also the investment in Miami to give for rent for long term and reap the profits from long-term rental on monthly basis from real estate in Miami.

Real estate for rent in Miami

However, if you are going to use your condo or house and come for your vacation to Miami, you might want to let your property only for vacation rentals. Our agency will tell our clients where best to place advert related to property rental in Miami, and to which internet portals add house or apartment to get nice return from rental property as high as possible. You can also give advert of the real estate to the local press in Miami and wait for a phone call from a prospective tenant who rent our property, hopefully, for a long time. You might want to check the references of the new tenant, to make sure that our property we kept solvent and credible person, which will be regularly paid the rent to our bank account in Miami, Florida.

Miami lies on South Florida on the Atlantic Ocean and is the administrative capital of the County of Miami Dade County. Miami is the most densely populated County in Florida and at the same time, the eighth, the most densely populated County in the United States. The total number of Miami's population is 2.5 million people. It's 42 largest city in the United States. The total number of the population of Miami, along with the adjacent areas is 5.5 million people.

The most prestigious address

If you have the intention of buying real estate in Miami, then you chose one of the most beautiful cities in the United States. Not only a wonderful lifestyle, but climate and influence of Hispanic world. Miami attracts richest celebrities and those very famous from the world of show business and television from all over the world. In Miami, their properties have a Julio Iglesias, Gloria Estefan, Madonna, Sylvester Stallone and many, many other celebrities from the USA, as well as from Europe.
If you are looking for an apartment, a house or a luxurious estate in Miami, you'll find it right here in the Polish real estate agency in Florida-IBERMAXX. Welcome to our office. Talk to us if you are looking for an apartment or condo in Florida or luxury penthouse with ocean view in Miami.

Miami is a biggest business center, conference center, cultural, media and entertainment center in South Florida and southern areas of the United States. Art, culture, great restaurants, amazing beaches and the best nightlife dominates in Miami. Here also is the largest trade and businesses center in the southern part of the United States. In 2008 by Forbes magazine, Miami was announced the cleanest city in America! (America's cleanest city). The cleanest air, huge swaths of green areas in the city, clean drinking water, clean streets, waste disposal and recycling programs in the United States. Miami is known as the capital of Latin America.
It will be the best investment decision in your life, if you choose to purchase real estate in Miami, Florida. Welcome to the new world and office of real estate, Florida - IBERMAXX.

Business, culture and entertainment ...

In Miami, works a ton of real estate agencies, with part of them works on a daily basis the agency IBERMAXX. We try to select the most prestigious and trusted business partners. Real estate is a very important branch of economics in Miami, and Florida so our office is always trying to get to our client best service and access to the best offers of condos and houses in Miami, which is currently available in the u.s. real estate market in Florida. Also we assist in obtaining mortgage lending at the bank in Miami.

In our offer we have a short sale property in Miami and foreclosure deals in Miami. These are the deals from Bank acquisitions and property auctions. The recent crisis had caused a crash on the property market a lot of real estate come out on the market at very attractive prices and with good financing, in the form of a mortgage.
Sometimes they may appear unusual investment bargains in Miami, which should be used up and quickly buy this type of property in Miami.

Property listings from developers in Miami

See also offers of new homes in Miami and new Miami apartments/condos in our offer. These are the real estate directly from the developer, where the proper payment by cash, you can become the owner of a beautiful apartment on the beach in Miami in a great location. For example, at South Beach in Miami.
On our website you will find information aregarding the acquisition of real estate in Miami, also current information about foreigners intending to invest in Florida and in United States.
However, it's good to have awareness, that good locations in Miami are always well priced and is very hard to negotiate or get amazing deals and discounts. Such offers simply did not occur. Location in Miami has always been most important and is reflecting in the property price.

In Miami we will find the best restaurants in South Florida, the most prestigious entertainment and music clubs with modern music and Latin music. In Miami, works a lot of medical clinics, where plastic surgery can be arranged. There are some excellent dental clinic and orthodontics, where you can restore your smile. In Miami, work the best hotels, the best restaurants, shops and there are plenty of car rental companies. You don't need to rent a car at the airport in Miami to get to your home or start searching for properties with our agency. You can do it in Miami and from there begin a review of Miami real estate with our brokerage agency in Miami.

Golf all year round

Around Miami are the perfect Florida golf courses, where you can play golf all year round and even enroll yourself to the golf school to master your skills in the field of sport. Marinas and seaport in Miami visiting the largest Great Lakes passenger steamers of the world floating in the Caribbean and the oceans.

Each offer from Miami real estate on our website has photos of houses in Miami, is given the exact location of the real estate on a map of Miami, and are given information about the square feet of living space, number of bedrooms, number of bathrooms, the distance from the ocean, and distance from the nearest golf course. They are also given information about the distance of the nearest schools and malls in Miami. While watching the houses and apartments in Miami with our agency, we will inform you about exact cost of living in Miami real estate. This aspect also need to take into account when deciding on a specific property in Miami, and that because of that, the monthly cost of living in Miami in some cases can be very high.

Costly maintenance of real estate in downtown Miami?

Luxury locations and the best property in Miami - the monthly cost of maintaining can be very high. HOA and property taxes, maintenance cost, etc. may be few or more thousands dollars each month. So it all depends on your budget and your wealth portfolio. In IBERMAXX we have access to exclusive and the most luxurious real estate in Miami. Just that you report to us your needs and your requirements, and we will find for you the dream real estate in Miami.

Miami is a very cosmopolitan place. Lives here, a lot of foreigners from every corner of the globe. Not only the Americans dominate the real estate market in Miami. In Miami lives and owns a lot of real estate people from Canada, Western Europe and Mexico. Also there are plenty of people from South America. Live in Miami: Brazilians, Argentinians, Colombians, people from Venezuela, Peru, Chile and Cuba. In Miami, Florida, property owners are also Poles. There's a not so big Polish community in Miami. Also we should mention about Russians and citizens of former Soviet republics, who live in Miami. Lives in Miami Ukrainians and Belarusians, also people from Georgia. Some of them are owners of these most exclusive mansions and estates in Miami and South Beach.
Real estate investors from China and India, have homes in Miami. Let's not forget the people of Japan, who after Hawaii, the most fancy Miami for the purchase of real estate abroad.

A large part of the population of Miami are Americans from the Northern u.s. States and Canadians. They spend their winters in Florida, returning to their holiday single family homes, apartments and residences in Miami, each year. A good portion of them are retirees, who spend their life in Miami, Florida, and enjoy the excellent beaches, great restaurants and a high quality of life in Miami. Ideal place to be retired in United States.

Deciding to purchase real estate in Miami, "you can't go wrong." It's going to be a great foreign investment, capital investment and an investment for the future. Even if you don't use your property throughout the year, and only came on vacation to Miami, an investment in a house or apartment in Miami can bring profits from the holiday rental or long-term property rental. Further resale real estate in Miami can bring profits expected for the investor. Talk to our real estate agency, we provide free consulting and investment advice in terms of investing in Miami by foreigners. We will help you to find the best investment option in Miami and we will find for you the best property that meets your needs. IBERMAXX - the best advice and investment consulting services in Florida and purchase of apartments in Miami and houses in Miami on Florida.

Houses and villas for sale in Florida

Property for sale in Florida. Type: villas and family houses in Florida for sale from IBERMAXX portfolio of the best realties in Florida south east. Check property prices on our website. Search for your dream home in Florida. Every day new listings from various areas in southern Florida. Check up what's going on on Florida's property market.

Definition of a villa: the vast majority of this kind of American properties are residential buildings with their own garden - in the English language, called plot or lot (American English). Villas and houses in the U.S., are independent buildings, having no contact with other properties, often villa have a private pool, sometimes it happens that villa have a common pool at the villa complex (which can be used by other property owners in the residential complex or housing complex). This happen when property belongs to the urbanization/residential estate.

Villa in United States can be called a family house with a garden or a plot of land.
The word villa is very old and dates from the reign of the Roman in Europe. In the period of ancient Rome in Europe, the villa was the home of the wealthy landowners. This type of residential house, usually have a rectangular shape. Also other types of accommodation in a villa, such as bedrooms, chambers for servants and slaves, surrounded by peristyle and atrium. Under normal circumstances, around the villa, there was a decorative garden with a sitting area with numerous pavilions, around the property itself. Roman villas were built not only in cities but also in villages around Mediterranean, as well as in the coastal areaa and beaches.

City's villa, or villa urbana, characterized by this kind of structure that in its central location, instead of the atrium, there was a exedra, around which, expanded other facilities for residents, surrounded by porticos.
Rural villas, or villa rustica, its architectural structure, most resemble the Roman houses of earlier periods in the history.

Here you will find a selection of Florida's real estate - type  called family homes in Florida. Villa in the U.S., especially in Florida, is a very popular and frequently encountered form of ownership of real estate in the U.S., particularly in the areas of South Florida in the area of ​​Miami, area of Key West, also further north in the area of ​​West Palm Beach and Palm Beach.
In our website presentation of the U.S. real estate, houses and villas, are placed in one section to help you find real estate for our customers, who dream of buying a house or a luxury villa in the USA. If you are looking for real estate in Florida, the highest standard, choose a real estate search section on our website called "luxury real estate". There you will find the most prestigious locations in the U.S. housing and real estate in Florida, and the most prestiguos real estate in Florida, called premium properties. Choose IBERMAXX real estate agency to find your dream home in Florida's sunshine.


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